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 Underline Digital Video Library

Underline: The First Scientific Video Library


With a custom-built virtual conference platform, Emmy Award-winning production team, and exclusive digital library – Underline is fast becoming an important destination for research, teaching and learning:

  • Growing repository of events driven video content

  • 25,000+ lectures, symsposia, conference presentations

  • Produced, delivered and enhanced professionally

  • Leading Platform: plenery, panels, breakouts, poster sessions, discussions & collaborations

Why Underline?

Videos are a growing element of the scholarly process.

Scientists need a platform enabling their success. Capturing minds at work, videos are becoming an important record of the scientific process or your peers and the global community. With Underline's Digital Video Library, you can access to the following features:


  • New content from scientific events

  • Accessible remotely, on-demand

  • Make your classroom more engaging

  • Videos with DOI, citable and indexed

  • Transcripts and translations

  • Search and Discoverability

  • Content archiving and preservation

  • Live usage data and analytics

  • Producing and hosting your video content

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